Breaking down the Kit

What’s in the Kit?

We’ve laid our teeth whitening kit bare, to showcase the secrets of its successful performance. Discover our carefully-selected ingredients, smart kit design and commitment to product safety.

Our Goal:

The “why” behind our teeth whitening kit

A white smile looks good on everyone. When your teeth sparkle, you feel uplifted, empowered, happy and confident! At smilerex®, our goal has always been to help you safely achieve white-smile confidence. We aimed to develop a teeth whitening product that was effective, easy to use and – crucially – didn’t cause unpleasant side effects like sensitivity, irritation or damage.

Our Ingredients

The star power that supercharges your smile

Traditional teeth whitening formulas contain hydrogen peroxide. But peroxide comes with risks; it can cause extreme sensitivity, demineralisation of teeth and irritated gums. The challenge was to find an ingredient with the same level of stain-whitening power but zero side effects.

Step forward, PAP. This innovative ingredient is scientifically proven to whiten stains as effectively as peroxide but in a much safer way. It’s the hero of our advanced formula, supported by potassium nitrate and hydroxyapatite to nurture and remineralise tooth enamel. These three key ingredients work in harmony to leave your teeth as strong and healthy as they are beautifully white.

Discover the Science

Our Kit

Smartly designed for fuss-free application

Achieving professional results at home shouldn’t be difficult. Our clever kit makes whitening your teeth effortless, with its innovative LED light and precision-dose syringes. The tools are specially designed to enhance the effectiveness of the gel’s formula for optimum results.

The best part? Our teeth whitening kit includes everything you need for a flawless, bright smile, and application is simple with just six steps! With Smilerex®, teeth-whitening time will become your favourite part of your self-care routine.

Our Seal of Approval

We’re committed to product safety and quality

We’ve been blazing a trail in the teeth whitening industry since 2012, so we have experience and knowledge of proper dental care. Over the years, we’ve built solid relationships with trusted suppliers and manufacturers. As a result, we’re the leading name in safe, effective teeth whitening products.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve earned our CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) from Oxford Biosciences Ltd. Our manufacturer holds GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. In short, you can trust Smilerex® to care for your health, safety and smile.

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