Our Story, Mission and Vision

We truly are the king of smiles!

Our Mission

At smilerex®, we want to help you safely achieve white-smile confidence! We develop innovative teeth whitening products that actually work, without using harsh ingredients that could cause sensitivity or damage. We know you dream of achieving a sparkling smile. So we bring you solutions that promote healthy, pearly-white teeth you’ll love to show off.

We promise to:

Develop home teeth whitening products that are safe, effective and easy to use

Help you not only maintain but improve the look and health of your teeth

Empower you to proactively care for your teeth and gums in the long-term

Our Vision

We’ve already developed a game-changing teeth whitening kit, but there’s much more to come from smilerex®! Our team is continually researching new ingredients, to create cutting-edge formulas that deliver professional results at home. We think everyone deserves a whiter smile they can show off. We also believe that at-home teeth whitening should be simple and safe!

We aim to:

Become the global market leader in high-quality teeth whitening products

Be an expert source of advice and information to help you care for your teeth

Advocate for safe products, healthy teeth and whiter smiles – for everyone!

Our Story

Your smile is more than just an expression. It’s something powerful and inspirational, that sparks connections, uplifts and empowers. Smile, and the world smiles with you!

At smilerex®, we’ve had a clear goal from the start: to help you safely achieve white-smile confidence. So when we began developing our teeth whitening kit, we knew that a peroxide-based formula was out of the question.

Instead, drawing on our decade of experience with teeth whitening products, we turned to PAP. This innovative ingredient is scientifically proven to whiten teeth with just a few applications, without causing pain or sensitivity. PAP is safe to use at home, kinder to teeth than peroxide and delivers professional results.

Our Intensive PAP formula is the star of our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit. It works in harmony with our cutting-edge LED light system and precision-dose syringes, to give you a sparkling smile with no fuss and no side effects.

Our gel formula is perfectly balanced to support healthy teeth and gums; our kit is smartly designed to enhance the gel’s effectiveness. Backed by GMP and CPSR certification, smilerex® is setting a new standard in safe, innovative, high-quality home teeth whitening.

And our name? A smile means everything. Rex means “king”. With our peroxide-free PAP teeth whitening formula, we truly are the king of smiles! Join us as we go global, inspiring white-smile confidence in everyone. Shop our teeth whitening products and sign up for exclusive discounts and news.